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Live, Love & Keep Smart

A I Smart products and services allow us to see how effectively your venue is functioning and then provide you knowledge to optimize and help you make the best decisions regarding what to use and take advantage of our smart packages. All options can be customized to meet your needs. We'll be happy to review your current venue performance and energy usage. Moreover, We`re in the IT Solution business to help our clients grow and move forward, It`s as simple as that. We`re driven by philosophy that if we help and solve the IT issues, our clients become more profitable and successful, then we will inherently grow with them.

Smart Home Automation

With a single touch your home responds and lights dim, the exterior lights turn on, the doors lock, the shades lower, and the fireplace comes to life. Your homes work in a way that is so beautiful and complete. You barely had to do a thing and your favorite playlist starts to play in a few rooms. Touch the system again and the music fades up to the perfect volume. That’s technology as it should be… an effortless experience.

A I Smart understands that technology when it is smart should be almost invisible and simple to use. That’s why we put the expense in the foreground and the technology in the background, after all, isn’t that what real luxury is all about, our affordable prices will make your smart home comes to life.

Smart Home Automation

Control and Connectivity

Smart speakers with a primary focus on control and digital assistants.

Comfort and Lighting

Connected and controlled devices for living atmosphere improvement with smart bulbs

Home Entertainment

Various multiroom entertainment systems AVwith a primary focus on entertainment

Energy Management

Thermostats, , temperature sensors and weather forecast,digitally connected and controlled devices for energy saving

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Smart Hotel/ Office Automation

The Hotel or Office automation systems enables to provide their guests the convenience of controlling multiple functions in their room including lighting, temperature, drapes and audio/video systems using automated interfaces.

Smart Hotel/ Office Automation


Automation, security, energy efficiency, smart appliances, predictive maintenance


Monitoring and optimization of the overall energy flow at the venue

Safety and security

More security and "peace of mind" due to realtime monitoring and escalation services

Smart AV Systems

Design, install and maintain advanced systems on time within your budget.

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Security Systems

Security delivers the spectrum of solutions that keep you, your family, your personal data and communications and your valuables safe and secure.

Security Systems

Smart Integration

With a single touch, your home responds.

Locking/Access control systems

Security is very serious for us.

Fire detection system

Your family life and safety is important to us.

Camera Surveillance

Display and control your home from Smart devices when you are traveling.

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Sonoff Smart Home Products

AI SMART is the sole distributor of Sonoff products in UAE & GCC Countries

Sonoff Smart Home Products


Our financial and management consultant services are committed to offer unique and quality services to all growing enterprises and entrepreneurs in UAE.

Our objective is to empower your organization in establishing and / or re-engineering the following essentials in order to resolve all challenges, and deliver significant achievements toward your business profitability and growth:

Our Consultancy Services are:

01)   ERP solutions and systems Integration.

02)   Financial policies, procedures and manual.

03)   HR policies, procedures and manuals.

04)   Optimized employees job descriptions.

05)   Procurement and inventory policies, procedures and manuals.

06)   Business processes modeling.

07)   Feasibility studies and business plans.

08)   Internal quality management systems.

09)   Financial advising services (such as credit risk management, return on investment ratios, forecasting and budgeting, cash flow, capital controls, accounting trainings, financial controls & other services).

Room Master

The Accommodation Management System is a system with which companies can manage and maintain their Buildings, Floors, Rooms and Fixed Assets inside those rooms. Furthermore, to manage reservations, check-ins, check-outs, maintenance and requests. Accommodation Management System is a perfect solution for those companies whom like to manage their accommodation services on a high level of efficiency and accuracy. It is built on high-tech web-based platform with a user-friendly interfaces and workflows with the following features.

Supply Me - Procurement Management System

Supply ME is the application of technology which allows an organization to carry out its purchasing / supply management function in whole or part in an electronic environment from purchasing and requisitioning, to approving, receiving, invoicing and payment processing. In addition to the non-production goods, such as maintenance, repair and operating supplies and office products.

Quick Quote - Quotation Management System

Quick Quotes© is a dynamic web-based quotation management solution, helps in managing quotations and stocked inventory from the stage of quoting a client until the delivery and distribution. It offers a practical design to simplify the entire process of managing quotations to increase efficiency and flexibility to adjust to each situation and each customer’s request.

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